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Active oxygen for the mouth

The action of active oxygen

Chemical formation of the complex by the reaction of an oxygen donor and various carriers:

  • Chemical class: Carbohydrate oxo borate ester
  • Farmacodynamic: The O7 active® formula (is embedded in an adjustable slow release matrix which releases its activity at the cellular level)
  • Functionality: Antibacterial, anti-fungal, initiates neovascularization, whitening agent, anti-inflammatory, angiogenesis, modulator for cell growth, anti-histamine
  • Application: Topical, oral
  • Processing: ointment, rinse, powder, chewing gum (tablets), more in development
  • Legislation: All ingredients are registered and approved

Safe, anionic oxygen atoms (O-) are liberated. No liberation of harmful radical oxygen atoms (O). Nontoxic. No DNA damage like in peroxides.

The formula of “concentrate” can be adapted. Higher and lower concentrates are possible depending on the disease or the area.

The formula of “liberation speed” of the active oxygen can be arranged depending on the disease or the area.